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As one with occasional depression/concentration issues, I've found Adrafinil and Sulbutiamine the most helpful. I've always been satisfied with AntiAging Central.



I have been using GH3 for a few years now and it sure is doing me a whole lot of good, it makes me feel good with plenty of energy and it is even beginning to turn my graying hair darker again which I am overjoyed about, great product for a great price thanks to Antiaging Central, I am 62 years old but sure don't feel it!

GH3 Gerovital


I got cataract surgery in the past. Nevertheless, I continued to use NAC eye drops because it give me lots of calming to my eyes and clarifying my eyes.

NAC Eye Drops


I have been taking Adrafinil for over 2 months now, taking a break for one week, as recommended and I feel great. During the day I feel very alert and focused and have better concentration. Surprisingly, I have been sleeping better also. This product is now part of my daily supplement routine, it takes a couple of hours to take effect.



I really like Picamilon and found it to be effective for helping me stay focused at work, with no side effects. It has helped me with my anxiety and stress.




Adrafinil (300 mg x 30 capsules)

antiaging central


Piracetam (Nootropil) – 800 mg x 60 capsules


Noopept For Memory & Cognition

GH3 Gerovital

100 mg x 60 tabs

antiaging central


GH3 gerovital bundle, antiaging central


Treat Symptoms of Procrastination without Caffeine

Treat Symptoms of Procrastination without Caffeine The Caffeine Addiction If you’re addicted to caffeine, you are not alone. Not only is there a coffee shop on most every corner, we’re surrounded by energy drinks that are overloaded with caffeine. Furthermore,...

Things to Remember if You Love Someone with Dementia

Things to Remember if You Love Someone with Dementia You Are Not Alone If you care for a loved one who has dementia, you are not alone. Over 15 million Americans care for a family member stricken with dementia or...

Adrafinil & Milk Thistle are a match made in Heaven!

Adrafinil & Milk Thistle are a match made in Heaven! The Health Benefits of Milk Thistle Milk thistle is native to Southern Europe through Asia. It’s an annual or biennial plant from the Asteraceae species, used for thousands of years...

Why is Milk Thistle Holy?

Why is Milk Thistle Holy? Holy Thistle Milk thistle is also known as St Mary Thistle, Lady’s Thistle and Holy Thistle and has been used for 2,000 years to treat liver disorders. Further, in 4th century B.C., Theorphrastus referred to...

Your Gallbladder at Work

Your Gallblader at Work Location of the Gallbladder The gallbladder is found right beneath the liver within your torso. As part of the biliary system, it is associated with the production, storage and transportation of bile. It breaks up and...

How Adrafinil Affects the Liver

How Adrafinil Affects the Liver The Same Effects as Modafinil Due to the fact that Modafinil requires a prescription before you can purchase it, a comparable alternative has become popular among nootropic users. Adrafinil metabolizes to Modafinil in the liver....
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