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As one with occasional depression/concentration issues, I've found Adrafinil and Sulbutiamine the most helpful. I've always been satisfied with AntiAging Central.



I have been using GH3 for a few years now and it sure is doing me a whole lot of good, it makes me feel good with plenty of energy and it is even beginning to turn my graying hair darker again which I am overjoyed about, great product for a great price thanks to Antiaging Central, I am 62 years old but sure don't feel it!

GH3 Gerovital


I got cataract surgery in the past. Nevertheless, I continued to use NAC eye drops because it give me lots of calming to my eyes and clarifying my eyes.

NAC Eye Drops


I have been taking Adrafinil for over 2 months now, taking a break for one week, as recommended and I feel great. During the day I feel very alert and focused and have better concentration. Surprisingly, I have been sleeping better also. This product is now part of my daily supplement routine, it takes a couple of hours to take effect.



I really like Picamilon and found it to be effective for helping me stay focused at work, with no side effects. It has helped me with my anxiety and stress.




Adrafinil (300 mg x 30 capsules)


Piracetam (Nootropil) – 800 mg x 60 capsules




Noopept For Memory & Cognition



GH3 Gerovital

100 mg x 60 tabs

antiaging central


GH3 gerovital bundle, antiaging central


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Some Frequently Asked Questions Regarding GEROVITAL-H3 (GH3)

Some Frequently Asked Questions Regarding GEROVITAL-H3 1. Who developed GH3 Original Formula? As with many of the great scientific advances of history, Gerovital H3 was discovered by accident. The active ingredient of GH3 is procaine, a local anesthetic developed in...

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