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As one with occasional depression/concentration issues, I've found Adrafinil and Sulbutiamine the most helpful. I've always been satisfied with AntiAging Central.



I got cataract surgery in the past. Nevertheless, I continued to use NAC eye drops because it give me lots of calming to my eyes and clarifying my eyes.

NAC Eye Drops


I have been taking Adrafinil for over 2 months now, taking a break for one week, as recommended and I feel great. During the day I feel very alert and focused and have better concentration. Surprisingly, I have been sleeping better also. This product is now part of my daily supplement routine, it takes a couple of hours to take effect.



This product is really great for my hands and fingers.  I take one capsule per day and it helps to ease the pain from inflammation. Highly recommend it.



I use Bacopa for cognitive health since I know now that we all need some sort of support due to the daily stress on the brain from my work or play activities. 




Bacognize Bacopa Monnieri


Optimo CE - Herbal Neuro Support



Optimo CE One bottle front
Centro - 3 sides





Ubiquinone | 200 mg

antiaging central




Marijuana’s Modern Mandate

Marijuana is getting a face-lift and a spanking brand-new reputation among the professionals. No longer frowned upon as merely the drug of choice for hippies, bums and potheads, “Medical Marijuana” is changing the rules. “Ganja” is gaining new-found interest along...

Cannabis Can Cure Cancer. It’s High Time We Stopped Arresting People For It!

Is it Time for a Cannabis Revolution? If it’s difficult to wrap your head around the idea that marijuana is a potential cure for certain types of cancer, it may surprise you to find out that this news is being...

Using Medical Marijuana? CBD Oil Can Help

Using Medical Marijuana? CBD Oil Can Help Glaucoma Can Lead to Blindness The eye is the part of the body that’s most sensitive to touch. Aqueous --the fluid surrounding the eye ball that helps to protect it from dust and...

Is Medical Marijuana Addictive?

Good question. Although many of us may have wondered about that, most of us probably haven’t taken the time and effort to find out an authoritative answer to that question. What is Addiction? It may help to first define what...

Is Cannabis the Key to Solving the Obesity and Diabetes Epidemic?

Is Cannabis the Key to Solving the Obesity and Diabetes Epidemic? Research is uncovering more and more attributes of the humble marijuana herb. Furthermore, it’s already used to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, stop seizures and even slow down the progress...

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Marijuana from a Dispensary

How has Pot Changed? Laboratory test results of 12 of the most popular strains of marijuana found in 7 Toronto dispensaries showed average THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) levels of 20% with some as high as 30%. Compare that with weed in the...
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