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Able Life Space Saver Lightweight Folding Travel Walker with 6″ wheels, Supprts 400 lbs/Bariatric


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The Metro Walker will change the way you think about using a walker.

No more struggling to fold and fit an awkward and large flattened walker into a car or off to the side in a restaurant. A Metro Walker folds/collapses into a super compact 6 x 4 x 32 inch bundle (think of a large umbrella) that can fit in an aircraft overhead bin or disappear into a corner. Unfolding or opening the walker is as simple as spreading the two handles and pushing down on the locking mechanism.

This is a light weight (only 6.5 lbs) and stable walker that is only 19 inches wide when unfolded. This narrower profile makes it much easier to use in the home or public spaces than many other walkers that measure up to about 25″ wide when unfolded. The Metro Walker wheels are inline with the forward legs (instead of on the outside of the legs) so they are less likely to “catch” on doorways or furniture.

Front wheels are 4 inches in diameter and made with long wearing urethane to more easily roll over uneven surfaces without slipping. The back legs have easy glide tips to move smoothly across most surfaces.

Included side pockets help carry daily items such as keys, telephone and medications.

All legs have an easy to use height adjustment to accommodate users from 4′ 10″ to 6′ 5″ tall. Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.

Available in contemporary black or amber or rose color.

Oversize or heavier item, price includes $4.00 shipping surcharge.

The Jazz Rollator with modern style may be a better choice for someone who needs to rest periodically and also wants a compact folding mobility aid.


  • Easily folds to ultra compact package
  • Very light weight
  • Narrow design for easier maneuvering
  • Height adjustable
  • Weight capacity to 250 lbs

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Black Walnut, Cobolt Blue, Regal Rose


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