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Medical Alert Systems for Seniors No Monthly Fee – Includes WATERPROOF Pendant and Wrist Wireless Help Buttons – Elderly Home Help Alarm Life Monitor


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☆ NO MONTHLY FEES ☆ Life Link Response specializes in Medical Alert Systems and Senior Safety Products, helping people life independently in their own homes. Perfect for the elderly, anyone with a disability, or anyone living alone. . The system will dial up to 3 phone numbers you program into the system. It will then play back your personalized message that you record into the system The person answering the phone can press any key to open up 2 way voice. Get the help and Peace of Mind you deserve Today. The Life Link Response Medical Alert System was designed to look great in the home and blend into your home decor. Warranty Manufacturers Warranty is only provided for Products sold by Authorized Life Link Response LLC Resellers. List of Authorized Resellers: Life Link Response LLC USA Life Link Response Inc Canada


  • RISK FREE – IF YOUR NOT HAPPY SIMPLY RETURN IT WITHIN 30 DAYS ➔ USES YOUR HOME LAND LINE – Plugs into your existing Telephone Line – Works with VOIP and Cable Phone Systems – Buttons Work in and Around your Home
  • ☆ NO MONTHLY FEES ☆ or Monitoring Contracts Self Monitored System ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Saves you hundreds of dollars per year by monitoring the system yourself
  • INSTALLATION HELP/SUPPORT Via Live Chat on Website
  • ➔ WIRELESS HELP BUTTONS – Includes 1 Waterproof Pendant button and 1 Waterproof Wrist Button – Buttons Work in and Around the Home With A Wireless 500 Foot Range
  • ➔ 2 WAY VOICE COMMUNICATION – When the Help Button is Pressed for Help The System Dials Your Programmed Phone Numbers, When you Answer Press 5 to Answer The Call and Open the 2 Way Voice – Record 6 Second Help Message ➔ 3 CONTACTS CALLED – Program up to 3 Phone Numbers to Call Friends and Family, Until One Answers Then Plays Your Personalized Help Message


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