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Super Daily Multivitamin for Men Women Over 40 50 60 and Seniors. Best Food Based Natural Multivitamins Supplement With 21 Vitamins And Minerals Plus Proprietary Blend of 42 Fruit Vegetable Super Foods


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42 Potent “Super Foods” Plus 21 Essential Vitamins & Minerals Jam-Packed Into One Easy-To-Swallow, Powerful Multivitamin!

We make it easy for you to get all the benefits 42 “super foods” like Goji, Cranberry, Acai, Wheat Grass, Kelp…. plus 21 standard multivitamins and minerals by putting it one convenient pill.

Our proprietary blend helps to make sure you’re getting all the nutrition you need every single day.

Taking a comprehensive multivitamin has a long list of benefits:

– provides the immune system what it needs to fight disease

– promotes heart and organ health

– source of essential nutrients (which are nutrients your body CANNOT produce on its own)

– joint and bone health

– and the list goes on…

Do Your Own Diligence And Compare Apple to Apple (not just the price): Not all Multivitamins are manufactured to the same standards.

Do You Know Where Your Current Multivitamin Supplement Originates From Before You Put It Into Your Mouth?!

We believe high-quality supplements are important. Our products are:

– Proudly Made in the USA with the highest quality manufacturing process.

– Manufactured in an FDA- Registered & Inspected, GMP-Certified facility.

Shipping Directly from Amazon Warehouses Plus Amazon’s 5-star Customer Service.

Full 60-Days No Hassles 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

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  • ✔VERY RARE ON THE MARKET – COMPARE INGREDIENTS NOT JUST PRICES! – 21 ESSENTIAL VITAMINS MINERALS Plus 42 FRUIT AND VEGETABLE PROPRIETARY BLEND CONSISTING OF Blueberry, Cranberry, Grape Seed, Strawberry, Raspberry, Pomegranate, Bilberry, Alfalfa, Carrot, Beets, Broccoli, Acai, Chokeberry, Apple, Apple Pectin, Maqui Berry, Grape Skin, Black Cherry, Tomato, Barley, Celery, Chlorella, Black Currant, Artichoke, Mango, Pineapple, Spirulina, Chlorophyllin, Dandelion, Wheat Grass, Green Tea, Milk Thistle, Eleutherococcus Senticosus, Ashitaba, Bing Cherry, Elderberry, Goji Berry, Grapefruit, Mangosteen, Spinach, Tart Cherry, and Papaya.
  • ✔POMEGRANATE – Support healthy circulation; GREEN TEA – Support Immune system; APPLE – Support Immune System And Lungs; BLUEBERRY – Support Immune System And Urinary Tract; CRANBERRY – Support Urinary Tract And Cardiovascular System; GRAPE SEED – Support Healthy Circulation And Cholesterol level; Broccoli – Support Healthy Prostate And Immune System; Raspberry – Support Healthy Cholesterol Levels; Spinach – Support Healthy Immune And Cardiovascular Systems; Goji Berry – Promote Healthy Skin And Help To Protect The Eyes; Milk Thistle – Support Liver, Kidney, And Gall Bladder Health; Beets – Support Detoxification And Boost Stamina;
  • ✔SUPER Daily Multivitamin Supplement by Pure Healthland For Men, Women over 40, 50, and Seniors Over 60 is a 5-Star High Potency, Premium Quality Multivitamins, One of the Best Top Rated Food Based Multivitamin Pills On The Market. “Wonderful Daily Multivitamin! I have to take a high quality multi-vitamin daily. I eat fruits and vegetables but I just do not eat enough to get the daily value in that I need. These pills are very easy to swallow and do not leave any nasty aftertaste. I have a very sensitive stomach and I have had zero bad side effects or upset stomach from taking these. I do however try to take them with food as I do any pills. I recommend doing this as well. This vitamin has all your essentials and will keep you healthy and strong. I prefer this vitamin to the one I had previously been buying at my health food store and it is also much cheaper! High quality vitamin at a great price!”
  • ✔CUSTOMERS TESTIMONIALS – “I am in my 60s and have to write a review on these vitamins because they are such a good product. First of all I love the fact that they are whole food based vitamins rather than chemicals. There are so many good things packed into these supplements that it is truly amazing. Having taken many different vitamin products over the years & can honestly say that these are the only vitamins that have actually made a huge difference in the way that I feel. After taking them for only a week my energy levels soared. The people who own and run this company are very attentive to their customers since it is a small family run business. I really like knowing that I’m not dealing with a large corporation but with people like me who are concerned with their health and are doing their best to bring us a great food based vitamin & mineral supplement. Give them a try for yourself I’m sure you won’t be disappointed- I’m so glad I did. I forgot to mention that this is my second order for these vitamins & even though they are a bit pricey I truly believe they are worth every penny that I have spent on them. BTW- I don’t write a lot of reviews but this product deserves all the special attention that I could give to it.”
  • ✔YOUR SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. FAST SHIPPING DIRECTLY FROM AMAZON WAREHOUSES BY AMAZON FBA (FULFILLMENT BY AMAZON) SERVICE TO YOU PLUS 5-STAR AMAZON CUSTOMER SERVICE. A Great Gift for You and Your Loved Ones! We Manufacture in FDA-Registered And Inspected, GMP-certified Facility in USA. 60-DAY Hassle Free 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – You Have Zero Risk To Try Our Awesome Product. If You Are Not Completely Satisfied Within 60 Days After Purchase, You Get Your Money Back. Just Click “Add to Cart” To Give It A Try Now.


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