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Why Do We Offer Green E-checks Payments?

Why Do We Offer Green E-checks Payments?

The Original

Green E-checks are the original e-check gateway. They started the entire online e-check industry.  If you’ve never paid with electronic checks before, you are missing out. Add this very reliable, safe and secure option to your payment options today!  Green E-checks is based in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s safe, fast and reliable

The Green Team

Lonnie Passoff – Founder & President

Lonnie Passoff was born in Atlanta, GA. He studied Business at Georgia State University. As an entrepreneur, he has created many startups.  However, Green is his one true business love.  Under his leadership the company has grown from startup to multi-million dollar gateway, processing billions of dollars.

Jeff Denmark – Partner, CTO

Jeff started as a young man, following in the footsteps of his father, who worked in programming with Shell Oil (back when dinosaurs still roamed the planet). We stole Jeff from none other than UPS, where he was one of the chief architects of their modern tracking system. Jeff is a real genius with a mouse and keyboard. There is no one brighter in his profession. He is also not one to mess with, at well over Six Feet tall with a 5th-Degree Black Belt. That’s one tough programmer. He is also one of the original team.

Jaik Weihrauch – Partner, VP

Jaik is the newest partner and currently oversees the entire operation. Jaik is one of those old souls and at the same time a young prodigy. He is incredibly talented at managing people and operations. He started in business at an early age, under the guidance of his father (who just happened to work for Microsoft – talk about lucky). He is a very busy guy, but to this day keeps and open door policy. He will speak to anyone that needs help with nearly any issue.

Consumer Protection

Millions of consumers have trusted and relied on Green to process Billions of Dollars in transactions from nearly every bank in the United States. As the oldest and most respected electronic check processor on planet Earth, we take many steps to make sure we protect consumers. 

 One of the most popular features of our industry-leading technology is that our transactions provide very similar protection for consumers as credit cards. Consumers are given three full statement cycles with their bank to request a chargeback. This means that if an order is not fulfilled correctly or service is not provided as stated, a consumer may request a chargeback with their bank. By law, the bank must process the request if it is within three statement cycles. This gives customers 90+ days of consumer protection built into every single transaction. If a check processed is an outright fraud, the protection extends to a full year from the date of the transaction.

We also use an encrypted algorithm to make sure that once we process a check, the first 4-5 digits of the routing and account number get deleted from our records*. This guarantees that no hacker will gain access to massive amounts of consumer data. 

Green Payment Processing, Cumming, Georgia, USA

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